This page is dedicated to the Deaf artists of Maine and their events.

In the future we want to turn into a non-profit organization with the goal of providing various art related events for Deaf and signing Mainers.

100% of your contribution will go towards:

Purchasing art supplies – We will hold events for children and people with special needs that cannot afford the supplies on their own. Supplies can be expensive – your contribution will greatly help offset the cost.

Inviting guest artists – We plan to try and invite a guest Deaf artist on a yearly basis. This is by far our most expensive expense. We also try to supplement the funds for this goal with events that we hold throughout the year.

Securing venues – A lower priority goal because we have been pretty fortunate with finding no cost venues. Sometimes this cannot be avoided – and it would be helpful to have some funds ready for securing venues.

Contact us for ideas on how to contribute.

We thank you greatly for considering your contribution.